How and where do I place my pentagram?

You place the Pentagram in a central location in your home, e.g. dining table, kitchen, office, bedroom, kids room or nursery. You decide the place, but leave it away from grasping children's hands.

The Pentagram gives you, your family, your pets and your home an intense protection, that will make you feel immediately at home.

The Magic sign, together with the embedded herb, calms and gives a peaceful feeling in your home.

The Pentagram is Transformational Art that helps you, to step into the next dimension, where Love and Peace reigns.
It transforms you, in accordance with your personal conscious evolution.

Here, you can find more about the symbol of the pentagram.


How do I work with my Pentagram?

Try every day to incorporate one or more resting moments in your daily routine. A resting moment is a moment of becoming to yourself, at least 5 min, in the morning/evening or a time that suites you best.

Place, while you relax, your hands on the Pentagram, fingers toward the point. This way, you connect with your inner self, while the Pentagram will charge you with protective and positive light energy.

At every meal, place your food and everything you eat or drink on the Pentagram, 10 seconds is enough.

The pentagram can also work for the animals and the plant world, eg.. food plate of the dog or cat, water for your vegetable garden or house plants. In this way, everything outside and indoors becomes in resonance with each other.

The Pentagram sends all the negativity away, making you much more aware of everything you do. Involve the Pentagram in everything you do. The more you use it, the stronger the Energetic band will become.

The Pentagram is very important for our New Age Children, our Star Children, it brings peace and unity in their children's hearts.

Detailed explanation with photos can be found here.

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