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Even as a child colours have fascinated me. When I was given a batch of colour sample cards, a new world opened to me.
I have my grandmother to thank for my interest in herbs. Thanks to seemingly endless herbal walks that I have made, as a young girl, with her, my knowledge grew visibly.
As an adult woman I kept my feeling for colours and finally expressed them through art. Since that time, I have completed a full Art education in the disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpting and ceramics.
The herbs had opened my mind for natural healing methods, which I later complemented with Energy Healings. My choice for chakra-healing seemed a natural extension from my ‘feeling’ for colours, since they play an major role in them. The combination with Reiki, for which I received a training to Reiki Master in Glastonbury, enhances the targeted healing effect.

ceramic Pentagram coloured with oxides

From these trainings and acquired knowledge grew my Pentagram Reading.
Each Pentagram is made on an individual basis in ceramic and baked at 1250 degrees Celsius. Each Pentagram is shaped with a chosen herb and coloured with oxides.
The colour and the herb that moves, or appeals to you the most, are intertwined with your deepest inner „self“.
The Reading holds in that I can feel-out and ‘see’ what is somewhat blocked. On request, I can deal with and discuss the past, present and future.

I feel deeply connected with Nature, which explains my strong affinity with the Old or Nature religion. Nature religion is generally focused upon the idea that gods and other supernatural powers can be found through the direct experience of natural events and natural objects. One of the features of Nature religion is that it does not rely upon scriptures, individual prophets, or single religious figures as a symbolic revolving point. There are also no permanent sacred buildings.
The term ‘Old’ is used in contrast to the modern, more eclectic Nature religions, which might have incorporated elements from older and also more recent religious traditions.
The Old religion retraces to the essence that everything that is in the universe and which is not created by humans is believed to be connected by an intricate web of energy or life-force, including humans as well. For the individual this means the following. If you live in a place, live that place. Learn from that place and about that place. Get in touch with its seasonal changes and the changes in you own life. This is the start for building a richer spiritual life.


The colour and the herb that moves, or appeals to you the most, are intertwined with your deepest inner „self“, your chakras or energy centra in your body.
A reading is made on this pentagram.
With this Pentagram, you can also activate your chakra’s and let them freely flow through.


always in combination with Reiki.

This treatment helps you to process and finish unprocessed emotions, blockages, pain, and all kinds of causes of physical and mental ailments.
Customized laying on of hands for pregnant women.
Healing for children along with their mother and/or father makes no problems.
As a herbalist I give you advice on nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy and gemstones.

Group Healing with color meditation, starting from 4 persons.
Please note that pets are part of the family.


Rei: universal life energy. Ki: is the part of Rei that runs through us. Reiki restores the harmony of body and mind. Reiki works on all levels. Reiki makes the body and mind stronger, dissolves blockades and removes toxins. Reiki helps people on the road to personal development and moral evolution.

I always combine with chakra healing.


Reikimaster. Inaugurations reiki I, II, IIIa and IIIb.
I give these inagurations in the evening, also in weekends, only by appointment. I start punctual at 19:00h and ends at about 22:30h and this two evenings in a row.
Further details are provided by phone (see contact page).


Formation in the tradition of Ancient Nature Religion possible.

The treatments mentioned on this page can not be seen as a substitute for medical care.
When a need for medical assistance is determined, you will be recommended to seek professional support.

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