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Artist painter - Sculptor

Miriam Maes is an artist from Ostend and has lived for some time now in Leffinge (Middelkerke). She is trained in the discipline of drawing, nudes from life at the Higher Education Art Academy of Bruges. She was laureate in the discipline of Painting, fourth year and is laureate last year specialization in the discipline of painting, studio Johan Janssens at the Bruges Academy of Fine Arts.
Each painting is always preceded by several preparatory drawings. They are created in charcoal, bister, Indian ink, pencils, watercolours, acrylics, ... Miriam Maes only uses oil to paint on canvas, cardboard or wood.

Each theme in her portfolio, oil on canvas, does not cease to amaze the spectator with her multitude of art expressions through the intensity of her visually represented emotions, by the depth of her quest for the intangible, despite her intension to define and shape, and her near bustling creativity.

The drawings from her portfolio are characterized by a background of paper, caressed, pushed and glued, from a non-dominating mixed media technique, that are a piece of art in itself. Miriam Maes draws on top of that, with an enviable accuracy, female nudity in charcoal. These goddesses are strongest when their heads partially disappears over the edge into the background. This allows the body, but especially the lines of that body, to talk about the self-confidence of the project 'Women'.

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